About Me

Thank you for coming to check out YL Lifestyles! I’m Kristina and I proudly represent Young Living essential oils as an Independent Distributor! The Seed to Seal guarantee won me over and ensures better than organic and a quality unmatched by any other oils on the market! I can’t wait to help you fall head over heels in love just like I did! I am a mom of 4 and I live in Durham, NC with my husband and kids. I design jewelry, make soaps and bath products. I decided to reduce chemicals in my home to hopefully address some issues in health my kids and I were having. I suspected we were a bit sensitive to chemicals and it turned out we were. We switched to all natural cleaning products and pesticides and saw a difference in multiple health issues we had. My kids were calmer. I was moving better and feeling better and so was my husband. In general we were all feeling better but I wanted to take it further.

I had several physical struggles including an intolerance to medication that could help me with my struggles! What was I to do? I began researching and quickly learned that essential oils support all the body systems and can help keep me above the wellness line.
I started using what I thought was a good, quality brand with minimal results. That’s when I tried Young Living. These oils are different! The quality and strength is on another level. I was finally seeing results and they were great!!! I have been able to further cut back on our chemical exposure thanks to Young Living and the solutions they provide. I am so happy with the results that I want to share it with the world. THIS is my passion! These oils have made REAL changes in my life and level of wellness! I look forward to hearing from YOU and helping you come up with a plan to add Young Living to your daily life and wellness routines! This is not medical advice and please contact your doctor if you have medical concerns. I am not a doctor.